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COVID-19 / Corona virus updates.

The Trump administration is extending the federal deployment of more than 40,000 National Guard troops aiding coronavirus relief efforts in nearly every state and federal territory, reversing plans for an earlier cutoff following bipartisan backlash and pressure from top defense officials.

The federal government will now keep funding National Guard troops across the country through mid-August, President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday. The administration was previously planning to terminate the deployment on June 24 — one day before thousands of Guard members would have qualified for key retirement and education benefits.

“The National Guard remains committed to its service in support of the fight against Covid-19 and will remain in that fight as long as we are needed,” a National Guard Bureau spokesperson told POLITICO. “Our nation is looking to the National Guard to help and we will not let them down.”
Trump emergency management officials were aware that the earlier termination would have deprived many Guard members the opportunity for the retirement and education benefits, POLITICO first reported last week. On a May 12 interagency call, a recording of which was obtained by POLITICO, they also acknowledged that cutting off federal support would be a blow to the states that currently depend on the Guard to help contain new virus hotspots as their economies reopen. Guard troops have been assisting understaffed and underfunded public health agencies with testing, contact tracing and other health services.
Retired Brig. Gen. J. Roy Robinson, the president of the National Guard Association, told POLITICO that the announcement came just in time, because Guard members serving on the front lines would have had to self-quarantine for two weeks leading up to the June 24 cutoff date to ensure they wouldn’t bring the virus back to their families and communities.

As far as Houston is concerned we are not yet to the point where the national guard will have to come in and establish protocols that will limit Houstonians to certain privileges .

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