COVID-19 unemployment rate settles after initial start.

As we are about to enter weeks nine and 10 of the coronavirus epidemic that’s affecting the world the unemployment rate in the United States has increased to 2.1 million over the last few weeks but unemployment rates have started to come into a settling point.

here are key points that have become aware during this global pandemic.

  • First-time jobless claims totaled 2.1 million last week, slightly ahead of the 2.05 million Wall Street estimate.
  • Continuing claims plunged by nearly 4 million to just over 21 million, probably a clearer representation of the jobless level.
  • The high jobless numbers persist even as all states have reopened their economies to various extents.
  • Nearly 41 million jobless claims have now been filed since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic.
CNBC here are the top initial claims as of this past March which show claims in total for 20 20/6,000,000 total past 10 weeks is at 40.8 million this has been increasing and has been the largest unemployment rate since the great recession in 2008 and has overshadowed the great depression in the last 10 weeks and it did over the last decade.

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