What is supplemental insurance? and why is it an asset to you.

Becoming misconception when it comes to supplemental insurance is that you think of it as just another form of healthcare when in reality supplemental insurance is exactly the same as taking a protein shake or a health supplement to enhance your current nutritional program

Supplemental insurance is there to cover the unseen costs of your common hospital visits pregnancies and or other emergency situations that you may not have thought of encountering this is where it’s vital that you understand that when investing in a supplemental insurance plan it is in your best interest to cover yourself and your family in case of any potential emergency.

as you can see here it’s along the lines of an iceberg the direct cost of health insurance can only be seen as doctors bills hospital charges and medical expenses.
but if you look at the indirect cost of health insurance you can see lost income in savings that will affect your living expenses along with some insurance limitations that won’t be covered by your normal healthcare provider along with traveling to the best treatment possible for you and your family along with in-home care and most importantly child care.

so as you can see supplemental insurance is more than just an add on to your health care it’s an investment in your family safety and your safety as well feel free to contact us with any more questions or if you have any comments feel free to add them below.

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